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Annual Boxer Club Bulgaria specialized show
18 June 2017, Varna, Bulgaria

An excellently organized show with a large number of participants, part of the Canine Week at the Seaside, organized by the Bulgarian Kennel Club, judged by Mr. Diego Vitali. Naturally, our ATIBOX friends took part in this assembly. We are happy to announce that our shows bring together more and more boxer lovers and the level of the dogs presented is constantly raised. Besides, they have a definitely positive impact on the life of the Bulgarian boxer community.

Why not join us next year?  

Best Baby

Fawn males

Avatar Center of the Universe  PK 3251816
(Homerun con Tilia – Wilwarin De Cinco Rosas)
B.: Maya Ileva Center of the Universe Owner: Maya Ileva


Junior BIS

Brindle females

 Detroit Di Casa Dei Iola, COR A 3901-16-144
(Uran Dei Roeri – Tulip Noir Vom Kaiserfelsen)
B.: Ioana Milea & Massimiliano Paolino Owner: Liviu Zaharia


2016 Winners

Club Champions


Fawn males

Open Class

Bozo di Casa dei Iola, CORA 3736-14-144
(Alfa Romeo Vom Kaiserfelsen – Astrid di Casa dei Iola)
B.: Ioana Milea Owner: Rusu Barbuneanu, Raluca Ana
Working Class  Pako Boxer Caldarelli LOI12-83766
(Pedro - Phoka)
B.: Caldarelli Michele Antonio Owner: Ioana Milea 

Fawn bitches


Bjork di Casa dei Iola COR A 3738-14-144
(Alfa Romeo Vom Kaiserfelsen – Astrid di Casa dei Iola)
B.: Ioana Milea Owner: George Gogescu

Brindle bitches


Ghanima Di Mergellina LOI15-51196
(Ugo od Djevija – Irene)
B.: Massimiliano Paolino Owner: Ioana Milea & Massimiliano Paolino
  Open Class Crimeea Di Casa Dei Iola CORA3896-16-144
(Fiorano Vom Kaiserfelsen – Ambrosia Di Casa Dei Iola)
B.: Emil Vartan Ioana Milea Owner: Emil Vartan 
  Champion Class Nora v. st. Bunko, CORA 3700-14/144
(Xanto von Zogobox – Hermosa v. st. Bunko)
B.: Kiss Csaba Owner: Geaca Daniel  

Best Female

Ghanima Di Mergellina LOI15-51196

Best Male, Best of breed, Best in Show (BOB, BIS)

Pako Boxer Caldarelli LOI12-83766

Photos will be published soon!

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