39. Annual Munich Boxer Club specialized show
16 -17 Sep, 2006, Meerbusch near Duesseldorf

It was an excellently organized show remarkable for the number of participants - 247, which was the greatest since a ban for exhibiting cropped boxers was imposed in Germany. Naturally, the European ATIBOX members largely contributed to this respectable assembly. Hopefully, this fact in itself proves that the amendments made in the standard are complied with, especially the cropping prohibition.


As usual, not all participants entered in the catalogue turned up and took part in the contest. The total number of dogs presented was 225 with 46 fawn and 71 brindle male dogs as well as 46 fawn and 62 brindle bitches. The overall impression was of high quality in colours and sexes alike.

The Duesseldorf group hosting the event did a great job organizing the show and the gala dinner held on Saturday evening added to the high spirits of all participants. The weather had its fair share, too, offering us two sunny and warm days - just perfect for a boxer show.


And the winners in this year’s championship are:


Fawn puppy males

Kanto v. d. Morre, 225076
(Aaron v. Morretal – Gina)
B.: A. Gramlich/D, Owner: K. Ullrich/D

Brindle puppy males

Esau fan Optica State, NL-2570057
(Dakota – Cyra fan Optica State)
B.& Owner: O.P. van der Veen/NL

Fawn puppy females

Anais du Val d´Europe, I-125063
(Senna des Courtillieres – Ultra du Val d`Europe)
B. : F. Medioni/F, Owner: J. Colabella/I

Brindle puppy females

Cosma-Shiva v. Hochkamp, 226365
(Merlin v. d. Sembacher Flur – Clara v. d. Morre)
B.: H. Paul/D,  Owner: C. Pick/D


2006 Winners

Club Champions


Fawn dogs

Posseidon di Noi Vincere, NL-2428979, IPO 2
(Balu v. Hause Romeo – Golden Eyes di Noi Vincere)
B. + Owner: S. M. Bongers – v. d. Mee/NL

Brindle dogs  

Orgon v. Fausto, 223474, VPG 2, AD
(In-Petto v. German Dream – Insaida v. Fausto)
B.: T. Lemmer/D, Owner.: R. Carpentier/D

Fawn bitches

Xelle Amigo v. Rusticana, NL-2514083, IPO 1
(Amigo v. Rusticana – No No v. Rusticana)
B. + Owner: I. - J. Rusticus/NL

Brindle bitches

Oriental v. Fausto, 223478, VPG 1, FH 1, AD
(In-Petto v. German Dream – Insaida v. Fausto)
B.: T. Lemmer/D, Owner: C. Enzmann/D
Runner-ups for Club Cahmpions (CACK) Posseidon di Noi Vincere
Runner-ups for Club Cahmpions bitches (CACK)Xelle Amigo v. Rusticana

Yuong runner-ups for Club Cahmpions (CACK)

Esau fan Optica State
Yuong runner-ups for Club Cahmpions bitches (CACK)Anais du Val d`Europe

Best of breed, Best in Show (BOB, BIS)

Xelle Amigo v. Rusticana

Walter Fiechter, Judges’ Committee Chairman

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