JSZ Germany 2007, Results and Memo

40. Annual Munich Boxer Club specialized show
15 -16 Sep, 2006, Thalheim

It was an excellently organized show remarkable for the number of participants - 290 announced Boxer, in addition still 6 groups of breeds and 3 groups of offspring, mean a new record since the exhibition prohibition for cropped dogs in Germany.

As usual, not all participants entered in the catalogue turned up and took part in the contest. Nevertheless 261 Boxer thought of in the rings, 59 yellow males 69 brindle males, 63 yellow bitches and 70 brindle bitches. The overall impression was of high quality in colours and sexes alike.

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JSZ Bulgaria 2007 - Results

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5. Annual Boxer Club Bulgaria specialized show
22 Juli 2007, Varna, Bulgaria

An excellently organized show with a large number of participants, part of the Canine Week at the Seaside, organized by the Bulgarian Kennel Club, judged by Mr. Laszlo Udvardy, President of MABOX (Boxer Club Hungary). Naturally, our ATIBOX friends took part in this assembly. We are happy to announce that our shows bring together more and more boxer lovers and the level of the dogs presented is constantly raised. Besides, they have a definitely positive impact on the life of the Bulgarian boxer community.

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Fawn males

O-rei del Goloso, LOE 1638784
(Neo de Los Omeyas – Groncana de Muribox)
B.: Del Goloso/E, Owner: D. Burgos/E

Brindle males

Vanhelsing von Fausto, VDH227720
(In-Petto vom German Dream – Anna Lena Ziebig's)
B.: v. Fausto/D Owner: Juanjose Sixto/E


2007 Winners

Club Champions


Fawn dogs

Open Class

Aramis de los Omeyas, TRA 261693
(Ferrary de las Arillas – Naomy de Royal Avalon)
B.: Alidog Lidia Gonzales/E Owner: Jorge Garcia Motoso
Working ClassNeo de los Omeyas, LOE 1526403
(Ferrary de las Arillas – Nadhi de Royal Avalon)
B. + Owner: Alidog Lidia Gonzales/E

Brindle dogs  


Kino de Villa Astur , LOE 1589813
(Quartiriolo Rudy – Ch.Reika dei Montechi)
B. + Owner: Villa Astur/E
 Open ClassJay-Jay v.d. Flachswiese, VDH 226150
(Future vom German Dream – Evi v.d. Flachswiese)
B.: v.d. Flachswiese/D + Owner: Alidog Lidia Gonzalez/E

Fawn bitches


Xhirka de los Morritos, LOE-1598702
(Luigi de los Morritos – Manuela de los Morritos)
B.: De los Morritos/E Owner: D. Burgos/E

Brindle bitches


Armada v. Boxbred, BBK I48/06/V, AD
(Jappiv. Zaxhaus – Vanbox Slam Shagra)
B.+ Owner: M. Doycheva/BG
 Open ClassSalma Hayek de Alidog, LOE-1583610
(Froid  de Castadiva – Lacoste de Fralocasti)
B.: Alidog/E Owner: F. Salmeron/E  
  Working ClassCeleste de Villa de Rota, LOE-1618122
(Ch. Ferrary de las Arillas – Nanut de las Arillas)
B.+ Owner: Villa de Rota/E  
  Champion ClassRania-Lapaz von Fausto, DBZB-Nr. 226591
(Multi Champ Valentino Shucky – Multi Champ Oriental von Fausto)
B.: von Fausto/D Owner: Petra Lemmer/D  

Best of breed, Best in Show (BOB, BIS)

Neo de los Omeyas

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History Media

Laughing A hundred-year old clownsLaughing 

Video footage from 1901 of  "Miss Laura Comstock's Bag Punching Dog, Mannie." 





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